How To Create An Ethereal Brand – Visuals, Colors, Characteristics

Ethereal. Airy, celestial, delicate, otherwordly, magical, dreamy. The word in itself is beautiful… With well-crafted imagery and visuals, you can create an exquisitely ethereal brand experience for your customers at every touch point. If you are aiming for this, then look no further and keep on reading!

What Is Ethereal Style?

The world ethereal brings to mind mighty, wise, and beautiful celestial beings like mythological goddesses, Tolkien’s elves, fae, angels, high priestesses, fantasy queens, and sorceresses. Everything that is sublime, and divine. It is the complete opposite of anything mundane and everyday-looking. 

The style characteristics are long and flowy lines, gossamer and iridescent textiles, rich historical materials like velvet or silk, corsets, long skirts and dresses, and layers and layers. 

The hairstyles and makeup are always romantic. Long hair, waves, braids, flower crowns, veils, shimmering eyeshadow and nails, and delicate highlighter. 

Ethereal Colors

I have dug deeper into the topic of color psychology before but colors play a very important part in evoking calm, peaceful, and dreamy emotions and reactions in your audience in association with your ethereal brand. When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your brand think about the colors of nature: muted, soft, and natural. The best way to get inspiration is from color palettes based on nature’s tones as you can see below.

Ethereal Logo And Brand Elements

Alongside color, well-planned graphic design elements are essential to creating a celestial and otherworldly atmosphere. Natural elements (flowers, leaves, clouds, sun, moon, stars), animals (think fairytales about magical forests or Swan Lake), mythological creatures (goddesses, angels), and historical elements (Fleur-de-lis, castle silhouettes) are all ethereal approved.

Regarding ethereal typography, classic serif fonts are the winners. They have a certain timeless aura that is perfect for a celestial style brand.

Ethereal Brand And Product Photography And Videography

The most important thing for a brand that aims to be seen as ethereal is imagery. Flowy slow movements and relaxed, graceful postures describe this style. The use of natural light, wind, water reflections, flower bokeh, and light leaks elevates the whole photographic style to higher dimensions. 

If shot in a studio the light needs to be as soft as possible creating a painting-like effect. The set decoration should be in sync with the whole ethereal concept ranging from illuminated cotton clouds to greek style statues, and flower arches. Anything is possible. 


Ethereal is a very unique and original style for a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand to incorporate. The main reason it works when it is done correctly is that it gives the customers a special experience with well-balanced color palettes, artistic imagery, and unique storytelling, like a window into another world. This style is also perfect for soulful and sustainable brands as it advocates the high frequency of love and harmony within ourselves, with others and nature.

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Viktoria Gruber

Viktoria Gruber

Aesthete with a background in visual and verbal communication. Lover of flowy dresses, flower crowns, soft colors, and everything ethereal.

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