Life As A Daydreamer Aesthete – Creatively Bringing Down Ideas

Aesthetes live for beauty. Beauty that can be found in everything and everywhere. Maybe it is a movie that made you teary-eyed, a beautiful song that touched your heart, a graceful painting, the view of the sunset, or the welcoming smile of someone you love. Aesthetes are consciously looking for experiences like these throughout their lives, submerging in the moment, and feeling recharged by it.

As a self-proclaimed aesthete myself I continuously try to surround myself with beauty everywhere, from little things like a hairbrush to larger ones like the home decor of my house. Beauty does not stop with the visuals for me either. Music, good books, and spending quality time with loved ones are equally important. Cultivating beauty is a lifestyle for a true aesthete.

Difficulties of being an aesthete

A lot of times being an aesthete means believing in ideals and it is easy to get disappointed with the soul-wrenching reality of life sometimes and the state of the world. 

Daydreaming comes naturally to aesthetes, it is like crafting little fantasy worlds where everything is beautiful and perfect. Such behavior is frowned upon and called escapism by our society which has false values and ideas of productivity.

On the other hand, there is the danger of getting out of touch with reality, ignoring life’s problems and not making changes or not taking the right choices.  

Bring it down through creativity

With that being said, the act of daydreaming could be a very healthy and necessary activity for strengthening your creativity! To me, daydreaming is the source of inspiration for my next projects, a time of rejuvenation through different beauty and leisure rituals, and a time well spent because it makes my heart sing. 

Bringing ideas down from your imaginary cloud and watching them take form is a truly satisfying process. The tangible result and the act of creating are exactly what existing in a human body is made for! It also means that the daydreaming does not have an expiration date, it does not end there in your head but continues and results in a product. How exciting is that! 

The output can be anything. A painting, making jewelry, reorganizing your closet by color, writing a short story, or whatever you feel inspired to create. But remember it does take practice to bring your ideas down especially if you are used to living in your head. Step by step you can develop a creative routine and enjoy the whole process from ideation to the finishing touches of your creative work.  

Practices for Daydreamer Aesthetes

  1. The first step to developing a creative routine is to define the mood and atmosphere of your dream world or current daydream. Do you feel like gravitating toward certain places, colors, forms, and shapes? How can you describe it thus making it tangible?
  2. The second is matching the concept with a medium. How can you express yourself with this ideation the best? Do you need paper, a camera, a musical instrument or a pen?
  3. The third is to freely create from the bottom of your aesthete’s heart. Do not get discouraged if the results feel less like the dream itself. It takes time and practice to do any creative craft on a master level.


As an aesthete who lives and breathes daydreaming – I am actually wearing a scent called Daydream (it has white rose in it!) – the best advice I can give is to stay up high in the clouds gather your ideas bring them down and then create something. This way you can hone your creativity and feel productive at the same time.

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Viktoria Gruber

Viktoria Gruber

Aesthete with a background in visual and verbal communication. Lover of flowy dresses, flower crowns, soft colors, and everything ethereal.

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