Sparkling Dawn Concept Look

It is a magical time right before the sun emerges from the horizon… The silver sparkle of dew on cobwebs, the merry song of birds welcoming the new day. Every color is dull and greyed out, except the sky’s color which is streaked with purple, and blue, hues stolen from an artist’s palette.

The ideal location for this concept is a castle’s garden with white smoke bombs for a foggy effect. The dusty lavender and dusty green dresses are flowy and embellished with floral elements. The colors return in the makeup and accessories as well. Pale peonies and purple roses accompany this concept look. 

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Viktoria Gruber

Viktoria Gruber

Aesthete with a background in visual and verbal communication. Lover of flowy dresses, flower crowns, soft colors, and everything ethereal.

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