About Light By Viktoria

Dear Ethereal Friends,

I’m Viktoria Gruber, the creative force behind Light By Viktoria. I’m on a mission to infuse your brand and style concepts with an enchanting touch, drawing from my extensive background in different cultures, design, photography, and styling. Sourcing inspiration from history, the sci-fi and fantasy genres, and nature, I bring a unique perspective that adds depth and diversity to every project.

At Light By Viktoria, I focus on bringing your dreams to life through Brand Audit Services for both businesses and personal brands. Light By Viktoria is more than a service; it’s an experience tailored to elevate your unique style. 

Additionally, on My Blog I share insights on Ethereal Branding and Style. Discover the magic that fuels Light By Viktoria and learn how to illuminate your brand with the same luster.

With love,

Viktoria Gruber
Light By Viktoria

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