Ethereal Branding Services

Step into a realm of digital enchantment with ethereal concept creation, and brand audits. Enhance your online allure as I craft captivating style concepts, breathe life into brand narratives, and guide your unique style to its fullest brilliance.

Unveil the magic within your brand!

$ 500 | Style Concept

Step into a celestial journey with my specialized concept creation service, tailored for your brand’s photo shoots and video productions. Immerse your visual narrative in a starlit experience with this comprehensive package, which includes: 

  • Moodboard and Color Palette: Craft a captivating visual story that seamlessly aligns with the celestial essence of your brand. 
  • Outfits for Your Models: Elevate your shoot with carefully curated ensembles, ensuring each frame twinkles with a captivating tale.
  • Hair and Makeup Counsel: Perfect the celestial look with expert advice on hairstyles and makeup that harmonize with your concept. 
  • Location Recommendation: Discover enchanting settings that elevate the celestial mood of your shoot. 
  • Set Decoration Advice: Enhance your visual narrative with guidance on set design, ensuring every detail contributes to the ethereal atmosphere.


This is a digital service, and you will receive a detailed PDF document containing all the elements mentioned above. Let’s craft your celestial vision together!

$ 500 | Brand Audit

If your goal is to embody an ethereal-styled brand with a profound, meaningful message, then this brand audit is the ideal method to ensure your visuals and brand essence align seamlessly with your unique vision!

This package encompasses:

  • Logo and Brand Identity Review (Color, Type, Design): A close examination of color, type, and design to align with your ethereal aesthetic.
  • Brand Message Review (Vision, Purpose, Mission, Values, Unique Selling Point): Exploring the vision, purpose, mission, values, and unique selling point for a cohesive ethereal narrative.
  • Website Review (Visuals, Copy, Usability): A meticulous review of visuals, copy, and usability to enhance the ethereal ambiance.
  • Social Media Review (Visuals, Copy, Coherence): Examining visuals, evaluating copy, and ensuring coherence for a captivating brand story.


This digital service guarantees you’ll receive a detailed PDF document containing the results and insightful ideas for improvement. Let’s refine your brand’s ethereal allure!

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