Life As A Daydreamer Aesthete – Creatively Bringing Down Ideas

Aesthetes live for beauty. Beauty that can be found in everything and everywhere. Maybe it is a movie that made you teary-eyed, a beautiful song that touched your heart, a graceful painting, the view of the sunset, or the welcoming smile of someone you love. Aesthetes are consciously looking for experiences like these throughout their […]

Sparkling Dawn Concept Look

It is a magical time right before the sun emerges from the horizon… The silver sparkle of dew on cobwebs, the merry song of birds welcoming the new day. Every color is dull and greyed out, except the sky’s color which is streaked with purple, and blue stolen from an artist’s palette.

How To Create An Ethereal Brand – Visuals, Colors, Characteristics

Ethereal. Airy, celestial, delicate, otherwordly, magical, dreamy. The word in itself is beautiful… With well-crafted imagery and visuals, you can create an exquisitely ethereal brand experience for your customers at every touch point. If you are aiming for this, then look no further and keep on reading! What Is Ethereal Style? The world ethereal brings […]

Lady of the Lake Concept Look

Deep turquoise water, shimmering dress like fish’s scale, waterlilies swaying gently in the soft breeze. The Lady of the Lake emerges with the ancient blade from the watery depth. This style collage concept was inspired by Arthurian legends and mermaid-like sea creatures. The dominant colors are different shades of turquoise with a bright gold accent […]

How To Use Color Psychology To Give Your Brand The Ethereal Look And Feel

What makes a brand look and feel ethereal? How do you achieve that airy fantasy world with a well-balanced color palette? What colors should be used in order to reflect what your ethereal brand stands for? With color psychology, you can use the power of colors to ensure that every part of your branding looks […]

Juliet Capulet Concept Look

Innocent dreamer, curious lover, and rebel daughter… This style collage transports us to fair Verona and paints an ethereal picture of Juliet Capulet. Ivory and white are used as symbols of innocence accented with pale pink and lavender. The lace skirt comes with a corset top and matching heavenly wings as a nod to Baz […]

Fantasy Queen Concept Look

The fairy queen is sitting in an ornate throne room with only the light of the crystal chandelier illuminating her face. As the light dances on her ruby inlaid crown she is ready to voice her next powerful strategic move to the assembled crowd… This style collage concept is characterized by shimmering baroque drama, airiness, […]